City Overseer 3D: Combat Manager

Combat Manager  is a complete system of maps, scripts and resources for playing a random encounters and combats. Its based on open source OverseerScript code, which allow unprecedented freedom in customization and functional additions.

Bridge crossing

Combat Manager comes with set of handy combat megamats for common combat envyroments.  But no matter where combat breaks out, you can always use Combat Manager scripts on any map, even the ones not specially prepeared for such purpose

Road ambush
Combat grid

 Using grids makes running combats much easier. Meagamats included with City Overseer 3D come with standart 5' grids. On your own maps you can use any types of grid, and control grid apperance via layer dialog.

Spell effects allow for vivid visualization of magical effects or traps. They are also very helpful to estimate the covered area on the grid.

Easy switching between top down and first person view, allow DM easy determination of light of sight, cover factir and the importance of each participate on the battlefield from their own point of view.

Complete freedom of 3D envyroment provides for lots of possible applications in RPG combat session. Combine objects and effects togeather to create new entities, or to mark specific state of given character.  Monsters can be hidden underground or even inside other objects to spring the ambush at the worst possible moment.

Items could make the whole combat much more realistic. Killed monsters may drop loot, or hold them during combat, giving you players additional hints how to defeat them.


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