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Download latest demo versions of Realm Overseer 3D! This is great way to check your system compatibility with Realm Overseer 3D engine. Each of the links below contains self executable 3D map. What even better, with commercial version of Realm Overseer you will be able to produce similar (a bit more limited) self executable maps on your own!

Right now Realm Overseer 3D is best tested on Voodoo and NVidia lines of 3D cards. Please INSTALL LATEST VIDEO DRIVERS before trying any of these maps! FYI default drivers for your video card shipped with Win98 or Windows 2000 are most often NOT A 3D DRIVERS! Visit 3DFX Drivers or NVidia Drivers page to make sure you got latest 3D drivers. ( This is not an empty formal request. Its a REQUIREMENT. For example if you have as Voodoo drivers as fresh as February 2000, you will get a HARDWARE LEVEL CRASH when trying to zoom very closely to linear objects because of the driver bug.)

On any other video cards beside Voodoo/NVidia this demo may work differently and/or not to the full extent of RO 3D Engine capabilities. If your video card have less then 12 Mb of video memory we STRONGLY recommend you to download low-res version of each map first before trying regular high resolution one. For 4Mb and lower video cards even with low-res version may be too much.

Instillation is simple - just run self extractable archive you download from here. It will extract only one, fairly large (10-20 MB) self executable map file into the directory of your choice. Then you can delete original self extractable archive and run the map. One file contains one map and can't load any other map. Before going to full screen mode you may go to menu Settings/Options/Graphics and select appropriate full screen resolution for your system.

Controls - you can rotate and scale the map while moving mouse and holding right or left buttons. Zoom by moving mouse up or down holding Shift key. Time of day is controlled by pressing digits from '1' to '5'. 'B' or 'T'' key switch map mode to Flight or Travel respectively. In these modes you can select weather with digits from '5' to '0' and '-','+' keys in same row. Travel the map using arrows to navigate and PgUp/PgDown/Home to control the camera. Pressing 'P' in overland mode allows you to set traveler position on the map.

If you have any problems running the demo please post the description of your problem as new article in our Support forum.
Gwynneth Narsaria High Moor
[ from FR Atlas ]
[ from FR Atlas ]
low-res version low-res version low-res version low-res version low-res version

Additional Maps  

Coming Soon:
Geomorph Dungeon  for 3E


[ City Designer 2 Symbols ]
[ Basic City & Dungeon, CC2 mix ]

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