RO News

2.08.2001 CD-ROM version of RO is now available.
1.22.2001 3D Catalogs section is up and running! Now you can browse through virtually all 3D models included with RO.
1.05.2001  Review of RO published by
1.01.2001  Happy New Year! I'm glad to announce few near team goals we have for upcoming year. Just in few weeks we will start offering RO on CD and 1.001 patch will be released for existing users. (If you want to get informed when this happens, sign-up on our  newsletter After that we will release City Overseer 3D  with lots and lots of 3D models compatible with City Desinger 2. I will post screenshots of new RPG building models soon, they are simple awesome. Whats better, this is just first few from the number of titles we plan to release this year, so keep tunied for more news in near future!
Realm Overseer 1.0 is RELEASED! Order your copy today!
10.20.2000 Final word on support for City Designer 2 in first version of RO. Totally 87 symbols were mapped to 3D from most popular CD2 catalogs. This includes lots of generic symbols you can use on any of your maps like trees, boats, buildings, ruins, as well as few highly detailed special buildings . Check out this 3D map of Grimwell based on original created with City Designer 2.
10.10.2000 First bug fixes! If you downloaded any RO demo map before Oct 10 you may have the problem of disappeared map table: map looks like floating  thin plane. Please download new demo which have this problem fixed by now.

09.27.2000 We started the final run for the release. Software is basically finished, we concentrating efforts right now on wrapping up demo version, help, manual and installer. We just finished low level binary demo map format and as soon as we plug it in demo module you would be able to download first test 3D map. In parallel Arty and team continue to fill our catalogs with more symbols. Check out this alternative textured pine and deciduous trees for generic overland CC2 maps.

09.17.2000 Busy week. First, after brainstorming and trying one approach after another for last few weeks we finally cracked the problem of so called texture 'Z-Wars'. Now the tree just before your eyes and of pennants of far away stronghold on the horizon will be rendered with same accurateness and precision on the scene. Second, Arty and his band of artistic cutthroats was given royal permission to create few key models in extra high resolution without draconian restrictions on texture sizes and polygon count they were labored under before. The result are these breathtaking models of Church, Mage Tower, Castle, Keep and Stronghold

09.05.2000 Thanks to Lev The Grand and CC2Halfling the Sly we added 3 new "Fog" weather settings (including custom colored 'Magical Fog') and Traveler Position marker in the map overview.

09.03.2000 3D applet is finished! 
09.02.2000 Big thanks to Anthony Marker for his very nice map of Nythoria! Check flyby AVI in Contributed Maps section!
09.01.2000 RO if officially announced! The release is scheduled for Oct 2000. (If we don't run out of coffee or something). LordMax managed to take a picture of RO development team right after delivering this critical milestone!

08.29.2000 High resolution catalog got new very detailed city models. Drone found great optimization for 3D applet, so Java maps now will have size of 3K vs. original 150K. We created digital certificates support for internet distribution.

08.25.2000 Basic CC2 3D catalog and low resolution FR 3D catalog are finished! We now have all four 3D catalogs ready for release! 

08.22.2000 We added new 3D texture manager which will help users with low video memory 3D cards. It also optimized our texture loading procedures so some texture intense operations got a speed boost. Nifty!

08.20.2000 First part in CC2 basic high resolution (fully textured) catalog done. Catalog stress test for the first time ever was close to swallowing all memory on LordMax Voodoo3 board. Thereafter he was seen sniffing at Voodoo 5500 stand in a store. Shoo, shoo....

08.18.2000 Forums are up and running! Fell free to drop by and write a message! 

08.16.2000 We finished first full textured 3D symbols set. This set is based on Atlas overland catalog. The increase in map rendering quality and realism is incredible. 

08.15.2000 New features: compass, red sunrise/sunset sky. Work on texture manager started.

08.14.2000  Overseer 3D technology engine development is complete. We are starting beta-test cycle and fixing last minor things.

08.11.2000  Realm Overseer is demonstrated on GenCon by ProFantasy 

08.05.2000  Dynamic 3D and 2D sky layers in travel mode. Now the sky looks really awesome, and it changes with weather too.

08.03.2000  Basic CC2 catalog is finished in 3D. Because of widespread usage of this catalog we textured only rare symbols, keep the bulk in fast non-textured low-polygon symbols.

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