Script Lab

City Overseer 3D is fully open for your customization and additions via scripting. Scripting allows you to add extra features and functionality to the main application.  The possibilites are endless, from simple scripted presets to save your time during gaming session, to random monster generators, NPC AI, fully scripted adventures or even games. This section covers OverseerScript basics from CO3D manual. In future we will add useful scriptlets and functions written by indepdentent  OverseerScripts developers.

OverseerScripts is an extension of the Microsoft JScript engine. OverseerScripts incorporates the full power of standard JScript while providing extensions that allow for complete control of a City Overseer 3Ds world. Using OverseerScripts, 3D maps become fully interactive and immersive environments.

  Script Essentials
Scripts and the Map Loading Process
OverseerScript Extension Objects (Language Reference)

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