City Overseer 3D is a unique application for RPG enthusiasts. This application brings a wealth of new options to RPG sessions.

  • Explore fantasy cities, villages, and dungeons in breathtaking 3D.
  • Create fully realistic 3D environments for any gaming session.
  • Share designs easily via the Internet, floppy disk or CD.
  • Streamline tabletop combat sessions with Combat Manager.
  • Play an ever-increasing set of RPG adventures prepared by a host of game designers.
  • Convert Campaign Cartographer 2 and City Designer 2 maps into fully interactive 3D worlds.
  • Automate common gaming session tasks with OverseerScript.
  • Add any additional functionality, such as combat trackers or treasure generators, with an easy to learn scripting language.
  • Incorporate ActiveX components for even greater flexibility and power.
  • With a TV-compatible video card, bring new dimensions to regular RPG sessions by playing them in full 3D on TV.

I am about to start a new project with Margaret Weis....and thought your software could help us visualize the new project. In truth, I am very excited about the possibilities it will afford us in the design of our new world!

- Tracy Hickman on City Overseer

 Thank you, thank you, thank you; it makes the Forgotten Realms come alive. Awesome---really. I'm still playing with it... but I've seen enough to know that I love it. Some Realms licensed products are "nice,but..." This one is golden.

- Ed Greenwood on Realm Overseer 

City Overseer

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City Overseer 3D includes:

  • Combat Manager - a complete system of maps, scripts and resources for playing a random encounters and combats. Includes all purpose virtual mega-maps, such as "Forest Ambush", "Bridge crossing", "Road Combat" and more!
  • 1700 unique objects to build worlds or combat encounters.
  • 25 styled catalogs, such as Elven Forest, Gothic Architecture, Halfling burrows, Castle Household, Weapons & Armor and much more!
  • 24 high-resolution monsters, such as Death Knight, Dark Elf, Hill Giant and more!
  • 48 highly detailed NPCs to populate your lands and towns.
  • 112 unique items for your treasure hoards.
  • 75 fully animated spells and magical effects.
  • Can be installed on top of Realm Overseer 3D , combining 2 products in one, giving you even more 3D mapping power.
  • Open source 3D Drag & Drop editor and Combat Manager scripts.
  • Additional software, such as Jext open sources editor for scripting languages
  • Companion products, such as Luke Jones "Role Playing Master ", SaiZai "Palm Familiar".
  • Full "Rescue at L'Essen " D20 adventure by Braxton S. Cook. 38-pages sourcebook in PDF format and incredible 3D maps with detailed NPCs, monsters and treasures.
  • "Ancient Temple " D20 adventure by Tony Marker. Artistic 32-pages sourcebook is accompanied by 3D map of city of Rhyshoon.
  • "A Child's Trust " D20 adventure by Cecil Griffon & Anna M. Dobritt.
  • "The Plans of Demetrion Kiraljar " by Ralf Schemmann leads you in the world of politics, scheming and power in giant metropolis Chelekar.
  • Introduction to the "The City of Torpann" by Camelot Hobbies.

Latest news

"Heroes and Adventurers" announcement,  3D video card survey results and other news. Read it here !

Happy new year everyone! Overseer 3D team wishes you all the best in coming year! We will announce soon about current cool addon for CO3D we are working on and the rest of our plans for coming year. 

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City Overseer 3D is released!

Closed beta-test is now in progress. We are getting a lot of good suggestions for Combat Manager and OverseerScript, stay tuned for more features. 

  Open City initiative is announced for authors of RPG adventures and modules. Learn more here how you can have your adventure published on our upcoming CD! Read about Open City here.

RO patch is here !

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Screenshots and Views
Sunrise Different views allow you to the select the one best suited for your current gaming situation. Choose between first person view on the ground, high flying dragon or realm overview from the high above.   City Overview
Elven Court Variety of catalogs allow unprecendent freedom in creating towns, dungeons and overland regions. City Overseer 3D includes 25 catalogs composed of 1700 objects. If installed togeather with Realm Overseer 3D you will get more then 2500 objects at your disposal Dungeon entrance
NPCs NPCs and monsters as there to help you to populate your lands as well as to provide friends and foes for your players. Monsters
Combat grid Combat Mange allows you to bring the software easy-of-use to your gaming table. Create, save and load combat situations. Use provided combat megamats to throw a quick skimrish. Familiar Drag & Drop interface makes its easy to move and rearrange NPCs, monsters and even spell effects, just like using virtual miniatures. First person combat view
Scarlet Sparrow Inn City Overseer is fully open for you to add custom features and functionaloty. CO3D internals are easily accessed via OverseerScript, based on popular JavaScript scripting language. Script your frequent gaming tasks, and share the scripts with other authors. Serious developers can even enjoy scripting full adventures and quest-like games using this versatile engine. Resting in the Inn

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